Plasmon Exciton Dynamics and Interplay

The overall goal is to investigate and develop a radically new generation of nanostructured plasmonic materials, created for infrared and optical frequencies, based on the use of nano-chemistry and self-assembly of soft materials as an alternative to standard lithography or multi-beam holography. This fabricating and assembling route will be highly innovative by being tightly focused on the gain-plasmon interplay. In particular, we will demonstrate that gain-plasmon dynamics in metallo-dielectric nanostructures play a specific role to create non-traditional materials spanning from loss compensated optical metamaterials to plasmon nanolasers. Extraordinary plasmonic properties arise by an atomic control and positioning of single nano-structured elements (fluorophores and plasmonic nanoparticles) via a multi-pronged bottom-up approach that will push research frontiers in opto-plasmonic applications.

The idea is to exploit the coherent interplay between Localized Surface Plasmon Resonances (LSPR) in plasmonic nanoelements and excitons in fluorophores to realize reconfigurable plasmon nanolasers, having a hyperfine control of plasmonic resonances. LSPR coupled with excitons dominate modes selection mechanisms as well as Resonant Energy Transfer (RET) processes between spatially separated chromophores and plasmonic elements.

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