Lab Members

Giuseppe Strangi

Giuseppe is Professor of Physics at Case Western Reserve University and holds an Endowed Chair position as Ohio Research Scholar on Surfaces in Advanced Materials. He is affiliated with IAM – Institute for Advanced Materials at CWRU and with CNR – National Research Council, Italy.

Andrew Lininger

Andy is fifth year Ph.D. student from Garrettsville, Ohio. His current research activities include designing and fabricating optical metasurfaces, including reconfigurable systems, and applying machine learning for photonic design. In his free time, Andy enjoys hiking in the CVNP.


Jonathan Boyd

Jonathan Boyd is a PhD candidate in the Department of Physics. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Kent State University. His research focuses on plasmonics in semiconductors and on properties of metamaterials. Specifically, he is focusing on IR excitations in boron doped diamonds and has investigated liquid crystal integration in flat metalenses. He enjoys playing fetch with his goldendoodle Sylvie and watching past seasons of Survivor with his wife Emily.

Akeshi Aththanayake

Akeshi is a second-year Ph.D. student from Kandy, Sri Lanka. Her current research activities include Cavity QED using ultrafast optics and ENZ materials. In her free time, she enjoys hot yoga at little Italy yoga studio and also swimming as an exercise to burn up some calories.

Janice Jhize

Yangheng (Janice) is a senior undergraduate student from Shanghai, China. Her research interest is in designing metalens structures through electromagnetic simulations in COMSOL and MEEP. She’s also working on using Nanoscribe technology to 3D print nanoscale structures for metalens and metasurface applications. In her free time, she enjoys playing racquetball and doing yoga.

Madhav Goel

Madhav is a current undergraduate senior Mathematics and Physics major from Vienna, Austria. His current research interests are metamaterials. He is currently working on fano-resonant coatings (FROCs) and bound states incontinuum (BICs). Outside the lab, he enjoys reading and tennis.

Omar Ali

Omar is an Egyptian sophomore who is double majoring in Physics with a mathematical concentration and Electrical Engineering. He is currently interested in the intersection of Physics and Machine learning. In his free time, Omar enjoys spending time with family (virtually) weightlifting and listening to Mohamed Mounier.

Elizabeth Zhou

Elizabeth Zhou is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Physics and Astronomy. Her current interests in research lies in metalens and metasurface design and tunability. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys drawing and playing TTRPGs.

Liam McCall

Liam is a sophomore undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University from Peterborough, NH. His interests lie in condensed matter physics. Other than physics, he enjoys fishing and playing basketball.

Lab Alumni and Past Affiliated Faculty

  • Margret Sorti
  • Robby Albrecht
  • Noah Vardy
  • Flynn Zhi
  • Todd Cheng
  • Adam Fisher
  • Giuseppe Emanuele Lio
  • Sharmistha Chatterjee
  • Loredana Ricciardi
  • Nathaniel “Dene” Hoffman
  • Ted Letsou 
  • Michael Boss
  • Yugan Sakthi
  • Mohamed El Kabbash
  • Glynis Schumacher 
  • Quang Nguyen
  • Pratyusha Sambaru
  • Alexander Yaney 
  • Nicholas Ramey
  • Bradley Odhner 
  • Qiaoyi (Joey) Liu
  • Antonio De Luca
  • Sreekanth K. V.
  • Alireza Rahimi Rashed
  • Melissa Infusino 
  • Alessandro Veltri 
  • Rakesh Dhama
  • Ermanno Miele
  • Vincenzo Caligiuri
  • Yandong Li Nanjing
  • Joshua Osborne
  • Daniel Kernan 
  • Alexander Cucci Luck
  • K.H. Krishna