Welcome to the Strangi Group!

Our Research Focuses on Nanophotonic Systems and Metamaterials at the Intersection of Classical and Quantum Realms

We aim to drive progress in the design and application of metamaterials and advanced optical materials by employing cutting-edge techniques and creating novel applications. This process is driven through in-house fabrication in tandem with a diverse array of global collaborations. We harness physical principles to advance knowledge and engineer innovative solutions applicable to a wide variety of fields including: photonic and plasmonic materials, soft matter, and next generation sensing and healthcare technologies.

Some of our Recent Works

Research Projects

HMM sensing platform

Developing Platforms for Advanced Biosensing

Cutting-edge photonic metamaterials are leveraged to design sensing platforms with enhanced sensitivity, portability and ease-of-use, for biological and chemical applications.

Nanotechnologies at the Interface of Physics and Medicine

Novel photonic materials are applied and tested to inform next-generation medical treatments, including cancer therapies.

Plasmonic and Photonic Metamaterials

Innovative techniques, including machine learning, are employed to design and fabricate optical materials with properties beyond those found in nature.

Exploring Plasmon – Exciton Interactions

The interplay between surface plasmon resonances in metallic nanoparticles and excitons in fluorophores is exploited to study strong coupling interactions.

Lasing in Soft Materials and Nanoparticle Dispersions

Lasing action has been demonstrated in disordered media, leading to the diffusive random laser. Nanoparticle dispersions are investigated for their field enhancement effects.